Aromatherapy Box

Natural box green approx. 10 x 10 cm, aroma stones for scenting 300 g, essential oil Lemongrass 10 ml

Be it gentle relaxation or an energy boost to promote well-being and harmony - essential oils with their diverse scents have been used since ancient times.

This aromatherapy box, put together with love, contains beautiful aroma stones for scenting with pure essential Lemongrass oil. Fresh lemony top fragrance has a balancing effect.

Hand-painted natural basket filled with 300 g colored stones and a bottle of essential oil Lemongrass 10 ml.

How to use

For scenting, put the stones made of absorbent natural material on a plate or in a bowl and drizzle directly with undiluted essential oil. Repeat if necessary.


Naturkorb grün ca. 10 x 10 cm, Aromasteine zum Beduften ca. 300 g, ätherisches Öl Zitronengras 10 ml
34,90 EUR include VAT and exclude shipping costs